Current Work in Progress: The Gateway

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

Progress:  3/4 finished with my rough draft (the end goal = 90,000 words).

This book grew from a story I told my youngest son one day. He hung on every word and when I was finished I thought, "Hey! That would make a good book."  I am having a blast working in the realm of fantasy, magic, and way cool powers like fireballs and rock projectiles. The various run-ins with scary mythological creatures have been great. I am also enjoying my bad guys very much. One in particular keeps saying and doing things that I don't plan, so I have to stop and figure out what he means.

The Goal: To finish the rough draft by the end of March (or as close to it as humanly possible), finish the editing and rewriting and send it off before the kids are out of school. That gives me to the end of May.

**You can also see my essay in the book, Mother's Wisdom, available this Mother's Day where LDS books are sold.