I was born in 1975,  smack in the middle of three children, with a half-brother and half-sister on each end to complete the sandwich. I grew up in Grand Junction, Colorado, the biggest town between Salt Lake City and Denver on I-70, and home to some of the most beautiful desert scenery. At three years-old I started to read and began my love affair with the spoken word. I was writing before I can even remember, and my first published work was at the age of seven: a poem called
Mr. Jack Frost in a children's magazine.

I had a hard time deciding what I wanted to be when I grew up, but in high school the four things  I was determined not to happen in my life were: 1) go to Brigham Young University, 2) get married while in college, 3) live in Utah, and 4) be "just a mom" (make sure to imagine the right amount of scorn).

I met and married my wonderful husband Jason while attending BYU. After graduating with a Bachelor's degree in Physical Therapy, we settled in Utah. I had my first child two months after graduating and became "just a mom" - a phrase that was swiftly and vehemently eliminated from my vocabulary.

Obviously the Lord had his own plans for my life, and it was just too bad that it completely contradicted all of my own ideas. Equally obviously I had a little humbling to do and a large lesson in who's boss. I am so glad that I was able to dredge up enough faith at the time to trust that the Lord knew what he was doing with my life.

I once attended a leadership meeting where a successful BYU professor and author spoke. He was a very engaging speaker with a great sense of humor. I can't recall the topic he discussed, but I can remember a flippant comment he made at the beginning of his talk. He said if you want to really know how to do something, write a book about it. The result of that comment has been my two non-fiction books, Parenting the Ephraim's Child, co-authored with Deborah Talmadge, and Enjoying the Journey.

We now live in American Fork, Utah, and I am a Senior Household Supervisor (known to most others as a stay-at-home mom) with the full-time job of keeping up with my extremely active kids. I fit writing around the hectic schedule of a family of five, with a large amount of help from my husband.

I love to play tennis, go running, listen to an eclectic mix of music, sing at the top of my lungs in the car, read anything I can get my hands on, dabble in interior decorating, and, of course, write!

I am happy to speak to large or small groups. Email jaime@jaimetheler.com for a media kit or more information.